It is a file that is downloaded to your computer or device when accessing certain Websites to collect information about your navigation on that website. In some cases, cookies are necessary to facilitate navigation and allow you to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits, among other things they may be used to recognize the user.


Following the guidelines established by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, the cookies used on this website are classified as follows:

  • Site Cookies: These cookies that are sent to the user’s system from a computer or domain managed by the editor and from which the service requested is provided.
  • Third-party Cookies: Are those that are sent to the to the user’s system from a computer or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies.
  • Session Cookies: They collect and store data while the user accesses a Website.
  • Persistent Cookies: With a maximum expiration date of 2 years from their creation, they store time data in the system, available to be accessed and processed.
  • Technical Cookies: They allow the user to navigate through a website, platform or application and to use the different options or services available.
  • Customization Cookies: They allow the user to access the service with some predefined general characteristics based on a series of criteria in the user’s device, such as the language, the type of browser accessing the service, the regional configuration from where access takes place, etc.
  • Analysis Cookies: They allow to monitor and analyze the users’ behavior of the users in the websites to which they are linked. The information collected through this type of cookies is used in the measurement of the activity of the websites, applications or platforms and for the elaboration of navigation profiles of the users in these, applications and platforms, in order to introduce improvements indicated by the analysis of usage data provided by the service users.
  • Advertising Cookies: They allow the efficient management of the advertising spaces that the editor may have included in the Website, application or platform or platform providing the service requested based on criteria such as the edited content or the frequency at which ads are shown.
  • Online Behavioral Advertising Cookies: They allow the efficient management of the advertising spaces that the editor may have included in the Website, application or platform providing the service requested. These cookies store information about the users’ behavior obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows to develop a specific profile to display personalized advertising.

The following table shows both third-party and site cookies of the web www.beonworldwide.com and the aim of each type of cookie.

Own cookies
Cookie nameDomainExpire date
_ga.beonworldwide.com> 1 year
_gid.beonworldwide.com< 1 day
catAccCookiesbeonworldwide.com< 1 month
qtrans_front_languagebeonworldwide.com> 1 year
redux_current_tabbeonworldwide.com< 15 days
redux_current_tab_getbeonworldwide.com< 15 days
wfwaf-authcookie-d93d880d30afbeba183e2ac48286c804beonworldwide.com< 1 day
wordpress_logged_in_dde02fef4625fca296a608afc8e9332ebeonworldwide.com< 15 days
wordpress_sec_dde02fef4625fca296a608afc8e9332ebeonworldwide.com< 15 days
wp-settings-13beonworldwide.com> 1 year
wp-settings-time-13beonworldwide.com> 1 year
PHPSESSIDbeonworldwide.com> 1 year
Third-party cookies
Cookie nameDomain Expire date
APISID.youtube.com> 1 year
CONSENT.youtube.com> 1 year
HSID.youtube.com> 1 year
LOGIN_INFO.youtube.com> 1 year
PREF.youtube.com< 15 days
SAPISID.youtube.com> 1 year
SID.youtube.com> 1 year
SSID.youtube.com> 1 year
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE.youtube.com> 1 year
YSC.youtube.com> 1 year

You may install, block, or disable coolies in your system by setting the options in your browser. Please, read carefully your browser’s help section to learn how to activate the ‘private mode’ or unblock certain cookies.

BEON WORLDWIDE S.L. wishes to emphasize that the cookies variety appearing on this website may not be related to its management and maintenance, and therefore regular reviews are carried out to adapt the cookie policy.

BEON WORLDWIDE S.L. assumes no liability for legal or technical problems caused by the USER’s failure to comply with the recommendations indicated. This communication is made for the users’ knowledge and use, therefore, it should not be used for any other purpose.

BEON WORLDWIDE S.L. is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any privacy policies of third parties introduced in this cookie policy.


The Website www.beonworldwide.com owned by BEON WORLDWIDE S.L. could update and modify this Cookie Policy on the basis of legal or regulatory requirements, or in order to adapt this policy to the regulations issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, and therefore we suggest the user to consult it on a regular basis.